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Philippe II X.O. Extra Cognac

Philippe II X.O. Extra Cognac



“This one who defeated Persia, there was nothing left for him to do but to become a God” – words addressed to Philippe II, one of the most famous figures from the antique time, after one of his heroic victory.


The personality of Philippe II was set on pedestal by ancient people and he wore the king’s cloak of their love and recognition together with the golden crown for his majesty and brave heart. King’s son and father of King, Philippe II was one of those great leaders who deserves to be commemorated in a royal manner.


Philippe II X.O. Extra Cognac is of noble birth, possesses royal character and it has the vocation to be the tribute we pay to the emperor. The superior Philippe II X.O. Extra Cognac is elaborated by 100% grapes from the Grande Champagne area, the very heart point of Cognac, the origin of the production of the best grapes.


Visual aspect: Golden amber


In the nose: Extremely intensive nose on passion fruit and litchi; the vanilla oak notes- present but not in excess so it is not difficult to perceive the elegant and sophisticated aromas of wild violet.


On the palate: Fine and with powerfully expressive on the palate, mellow aftertaste, and sustainable in the mouth.


Companion: To taste it by itself. It can be accompanied by refreshing soda water or in a traditional cocktail with pineapple or natural grenadine juice.

  • Product Info

    Volume: 700 ml

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