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Alexandre Extra X.O. Brandy

Alexandre Extra X.O. Brandy



The history crowned only a few persons with the title Great and one of them is Alexandre. Always on a par with his desire to conquer, with a character driven by both mysticism and the illusion of his dream to rule the world, as well as its realization, by the powerful will of the majestic conqueror and his generosity, enfant of noble birth and man celebrated as King-God, The First among the men, Alexandre The Great.

We need to taste the legend in order to understand it. And the bottled legend is called Alexandre Extra X.O. Brandy, a brandy of noble birth, issued from the superior French Cognac area Grande Champagne and crowned by conversant connoisseurs with golden recognition for its majestic character. This is how we chose to commemorate the ancient emperor Alexandre and his heroic feats.


Visual aspect: Crystal clear with attractive amber color with golden hues.


In the nose: Dry fruits as peanuts, light vanilla oak notes and caramel; flowers bouquet: delicate violet, rose, orange blossom; fruit expression: candied apricot; port wine note, this brandy has the specific characteristics of the Grand Champagne Cognac aromas.


On the palate: Fine and powerfully expressive on the palate, mellow aftertaste, and sustainable in the mouth.


Companion: To taste it by itself. It can be accompanied by refreshing soda water or in a traditional cocktail with pineapple or natural grenadine juice.

  • Product Info

    Volume: 750 ml ($625), 1.5 l ($1500), 3 l ($3000)

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