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Château Haut De La Becade

Château Haut De La Becade



It happens often to have the feeling that in the great Bordeaux region we are at our Wine home. And as it is in every home place which is determined by the warmth and the security, we feel two appellations extremely closed to us and we are ready to call them: Pomerol- as our Wine mother and Pauillac- as our Wine father.


The essence of Pauillac is stability and richness, such as we can find them in the structure and expression of the great Pauillac wines.


The vineyard surface of Château Haut de La Becade is only 8,3 ha. with clayey limestone and sandy soils. The harvest is carried out by hand and the best grapes are selected in the cellar for the elaboration of this exceptional wine.


Grape varieties: 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot


Tasting: Crystal ruby color with dark reflections. The nose reveals a bouquet with notes of blackcurrant, black cherry, roasted coffee and pepper. This AOC Pauillac wine has a beautiful structure: it reveals a wooden nose that shows a certain discretion’s degree in order to give rise to small black fruits. The deep gravel soil and the majority of Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety provides a great aging potential.


Companion: This wine is excellent with all kind of red meat, game and cheeses

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    Volume: 750 ml; Vintage: 2008

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